2017.1.19 "Doctor Strange" japan premiere in Kabukicho Cine City

2017.1.19 "Doctor Strange" japan premiere in Kabukicho Cine City

Digest movie 15'47"

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Volunteer activity of Kabukicho


Many foreign tourists have recently come to the police for victim reports.
These visitors were approached by street callers in the KABUKICHO area, taken to a bar or drinking location that non-Japanese citizens run, and then served very strong liquor.
As a result,before they had realized it, their money or credit cards had gone.
DON'T GET VICTIMIZED. We'd like you to be fully aware of such malicious street callers or drinking places.

Tel 03(3346)0110

There are a lot of scam prices in Kabukicho.
Please be careful especially when you enter a place you’re not familiar with, or when you go from shop to shop.
Never follow puller-ins. It’s illegal.
Disturbing the peace goes against the Entertainment and Amusement Trades Control Act.
Published by Kabukicho Concierge Committee