Kabukicho was created in 1948. It has only been 70 years since then, and there are a number of businesses on their third heir in Kabukicho. Kenta Hanazawa, owner of Unatetsu, is the third heir himself. His father passed away to cancer when he was young. Unatetsu has the longest history of any restaurant in Kabukicho, at 64 years. He told us the origin of its name: "We called it Unatetsu, because we wanted to grill eel kabayaki on a steel griddle, like you would with a steak. But they quickly discovered that this overcooks the eel. The whole plan went through. (Laughs)"

Every town has an eel restaurant or soba restaurant that has the passionate support of eel lovers; Unatetsu is one such establishment, and is loved by the people of Kabukicho. Kenta inherited this famous restaurant when he was still young, and was a passionate car racer before he took up work at the store. He won twice in a row on the four hour endurance race on the Fuji Speedway (2000CC class), and holds the class record in Tsukuba. "I won twice in a row in the Fuji series, and decided to let go of my car for now to move onto another part of my life." What's next? "Super endurance," he says!

He has recently begun to support local festivals from behind the scenes, and has become a central figure of the town. "I was nervous when I first started working with the festivals, but it started getting fun ever since about last year," he says. He has had love for the town since he was born, but being loved back at the festivals, and across the region, seems to have made him proud to help support the town. "A lot of people think of Kabukicho as a place to go drinking, but there are places to eat, there's entertainment, and there are a lot of ways for you to enjoy yourself. Kabukicho is not too normal, nor too dangerous. It has a little spice to it, and has a good balance of things," he said. He is a young entrepreneur who runs two restuarants in Kabukicho, and one more in Ebisu, but the eel he serves here is some of the best. Come and try a bite at this famous restaurant before, after, or in between your time on the town.

Shinjuku Unatetsu / unagi (grilled eel) restaurant
[Address]11-2 Kabuki Cho 1-chome
[Hours of Operation/Closed Days]11:00 - 23:30(L.O 23:00) / Open everyday / Closed only 12/31, 1/1,1/2
This eel cuisine restaurant has been in business for over 60 years in Kabukicho.
They grill each and every dish for your important date, business dinner, or family outing.
【Price】(Before taxes) Una-ju, Super choice ¥4,000, Eel Kebabs from ¥230
Shinjuku Unatetsu Hanare / Unagi (Freshwater Eel) Restaurant
[Address]1-22-2 Kabukicho
[Hours of Operation/Closed Days]17:00 - 23:30(LO 23:00) / Open everyday / Closed only 12/31,1/1,1/2
Shinjuku Unatetsu's annex hall opened on October 10, 2019.
With the eel kebabs, which use everything from the head to the tail, and hitsumabushi, which is perfect with its thick meat roasted over an open flame and gentle stock flavoring, it offers a variety of fantastic dishes. They also have countless sake in stock.
【Price】(Before taxes) Una-ju, Super choice ¥4,000, Eel Kababs from ¥230