Shop information on Kabukicho

Address Yanagi BLD 1F 27-7 Kabukicho 2 chome Shinjuku-Ku

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Tel 03-3200-2951
Opening Time 18:30-5:00am/Sun. Holiday
Rishiri's ramen has been loved by all who stop by after a night out for over 33 years. Serving large portions of 4 dierent ramen dishes, all
using soft-shell turtle extract soup as a base, the ramen will revitalise you in both body and mind.
Mensyou TAKETORA Honten/Ramen Dining
Address 36-3 Kabuki Cho 2-chome ACB Hall 1F

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Tel 03-5292-5825
Opening Time 11:00-9:00AM/Open everyday
Drinking, pinching and last noodle. We also provide private room where you can relax.
We only provide good stuff.
Mensho TAKETORA Shinjuku / Ramen Dining
Address Kabukicho 1chome 9-5,Sankei Bld.2F Shinjuku-Ku Tokyo

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Tel 03-5155-5589
Opening Time 11:00amー9:00am/Open everyday
Ramen Dining in Kabukicho
Drinking, pinching and last noodle. We also provide private room where you can relax. We only provide good stuff.
Yakiago shio Ramen TAKAHASHI HONTEN/Ramen
Address KK bld.1F 1-27-3 Kabukicho Shinjuku Tokyo

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Tel 03-6457-3328
Opening Time 11:00-am5:00(LO 4:30)/Open everyday
Their soup is made using fried flying fish (yakiago).
Order rice to mix with the leftover soup for an extraordinary experience.
Ramen Jiro Shinjuku Kabukicho /Ramen
Address Nisshin Bld.1F 2-37-5 Kabukicho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo

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Tel 03-3205-1726
Opening Time 11:30-am3:00/Wednesday
This spot is known for its volume.
Their original, thick noodles are made with hard flour, and come in high volume with toppings to boot. this special ramen will have you hooked if you try it only three times.
Shinjuku Niboshi Ramen Nagi
Address Shinjuku-Goldengai 2F 1-10 Kabuki Cho 1-chome Shinjuku-Ku Tokyo

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Tel 03-3205-1925
Opening Time 24H Open Everyday
counter seat is eight. The rich soup is cooked by fish which is very match thick homemade noodles.
Kitakata Ramen Sakauchi
Address 24-6 Kabuki Cho 1-chome

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Tel 03-5273-2161
Opening Time 11:00-23:30/Open everyday
Bannai ,The Owner makes everything by hand, even in
chain stores, meaning that each spot has its own flavor.
Get half a portion of rice for free at lunch, and half-price
on gyoza on Friday.
Address K-KAIKAN 1F Kabukicho 2-39-12 Shinjuku

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Tel 03-3203-9950
Opening Time 18:00-5:00am/closed on Sunday
This ramen and izakaya split off from Roppongi Shirobee. Its chashu is very distinct.
The meat is deep fried in oil, and with the umami sealed inside of it, it is boiled in the chashu sauce. Before the
ramen reaches your table, this chashu is served together with a hot plate, so you can heat it as you wait, for a meal of hot, juicy chashu. The bream bone ramen is delicious.
Address TOGANE bld 1F Kabukicho 1-3-16 Shinjuku

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Tel 03-6876-2456
Opening Time 11:30-15:00 17:00-5:00am Sun.17:00-5:00am/open everyday ( Except New Year holidays)
Mei Sanyutei, or Sano, runs a girls bar across the way. She worked at a girls bar herself as she trained at Menya Takeichi before opening her own ramen restaurant. She currently works at both Tonight3 and Mitaba.
The rich chicken sayu soba is fantastic. the rich soup is made by simmering chicken on high for several hours,
and is healthy with a lot of protein and low fat content.
Address Kabukicho 1-10-11 Shinjuku

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Tel 03-3205-2600
Opening Time open 24 hours / open everyday
Hakata Nakasu tonkotsu ramen made over the course of 100 hours.
Their Shinjuku store is open for 24 hours per day that oers the standard ajitama ramen, as well as their popular special ramen. Classic Hakata ramen.
写真:スペシャルめん 1,150円
Address Kabukicho 1-11-10 Shinjuku

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Tel 03-3207-5887
Opening Time 11:00-4:00am /open everyday
The main store is in Ikebukuro. They also operate the izakaya,Kabuyraya, in addition to ramen restaurants. Tokyo tonkotsu ramen, which is Hakata tokotsu ramen rearranged in a Tokyo style, is the pride of its chef. ey use pork bones and rich soy sauce to bring out the umami in the soup, and make it thick by simmering pork, chicken, and vegetables over several hours. the hand made noodles absorb the soup well, and their original Tokyo-style wavy noodles provide a good balance with them.
Increases in portion size are free.
写真:東京豚骨ラーメン 得入トッピング 大盛(1,050円 大盛無料)
Address Kabukicho 1-24-6 Shinjuku

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Tel 050-5596-6005
Opening Time 11:30-23:30/Open everyday
The young manager, Aoyagi, has made the Suzuran Group grow exponentially in the metropolitan area in the past few years. The group also has Niboshi Chinese Soba Suzuran, Ramen Hayashida, Ore no Menharumichi, Chinese Soba Rukawa, and Ramen Kurouzu restaurants in the Shinjuku area. The base is the same across all stores,
which each have their own unique soup; the establishment has its own name, and it's diffcult to tell they are part of the same group.
Kabukicho's Hosenka serves well balanced ramen that uses soup rich with the umami of red bream along with Kannno Seimen straight whole wheat noodles, which are used across the entirety of the group.
Nagasaki Chanpon Ringer Hut Shinjuku Toho Building / Champon Noodle
Address Shinjuku TOHO BLD.1F 19-1 Kabukicho 1 chome Shinjuku-ku Tokyo

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Tel 03-6233-8448
Opening Time 10:00-6:00am(L.O.5:30am)/Open everyday
Nagasaki Champon 590jpy+tax
Nagasaki's, I taste and it's in here.
The deep body by which prides are enough good domestic vegetables and the soup born from topping material in rich sea and mountains.

Domestic one serving 255g of vegetables. Increase no charge of noodles! (Small Champon is non-applicable.)
※ Increase of noodles is charged at a store of Okinawa.
※ The used domestic vegetables are sometimes changed without notice by a season, the weather and other circumstances, etc..