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Address Yanagi BLD 1F 27-7 Kabukicho 2 chome Shinjuku-Ku

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Tel 03-3200-2951
Opening Time 18:30-5:00am/Sun. Holiday
Rishiri's ramen has been loved by all who stop by after a night out for over 33 years. Serving large portions of 4 dierent ramen dishes, all
using soft-shell turtle extract soup as a base, the ramen will revitalise you in both body and mind.
Mensyou TAKETORA Honten/Ramen Dining
Address 36-3 Kabuki Cho 2-chome ACB Hall 1F

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Tel 03-5292-5825
Opening Time 11:00-9:00AM/Open everyday
Drinking, pinching and last noodle. We also provide private room where you can relax.
We only provide good stuff.
Mensho TAKETORA Shinjuku / Ramen Dining
Address Kabukicho 1chome 9-5,Sankei Bld.2F Shinjuku-Ku Tokyo

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Tel 03-5155-5589
Opening Time 11:00amー9:00am/Open everyday
Ramen Dining in Kabukicho
Drinking, pinching and last noodle. We also provide private room where you can relax. We only provide good stuff.
Yakiago shio Ramen TAKAHASHI HONTEN/Ramen
Address KK bld.1F 1-27-3 Kabukicho Shinjuku Tokyo

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Tel 03-6457-3328
Opening Time 11:00-am5:00(LO 4:30)/Open everyday
Ramen Jiro Shinjuku Kabukicho /Ramen
Address Nisshin Bld.1F 2-37-5 Kabukicho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo

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Tel 03-3205-1726
Opening Time 11:30-am3:00/Wednesday
Shinjuku Niboshi Ramen Nagi
Address Shinjuku-Goldengai 2F 1-10 Kabuki Cho 1-chome Shinjuku-Ku Tokyo

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Tel 03-3205-1925
Opening Time 24H Open Everyday
counter seat is eight. The rich soup is cooked by fish which is very match thick homemade noodles.
Classic Tonkotsu Ramen ICHIRAN
Address KabukichoCR.B&V BLD.B1F 1-17-10 Kabukicho,Shinjuku-Ku Tokyo

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Tel 0120-606-292
Opening Time 10:00-6:00am/Open everyday
Welcome to Ichiran!
At Ichiran we don’t diversify our menu, but concentrate only on Tonkotsu Ramen.
Our mission is to deepen the flavor of every bowl, each one of them involving the work of over 40 specialists.

The safety and satisfaction of our customers is our priority. That is why we only use the highest-in-quality products for the elaboration of our ramen.
Our professionals are masters of the complicated techniques involved in ramen making, and they always pursue a higher level of exquisiteness for our customers.
Our everyday is a quest for new ideas, a thorough search for new ways of bringing more delight to the palate of our customers.
Kitakata Ramen Sakauchi
Address 24-6 Kabuki Cho 1-chome

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Tel 03-5273-2161
Opening Time 11:00-23:30/Open everyday
The real taste of Kitakata, meltingly barbecued pork are popular here.
Ringer Hut Shinjuku Toho Building / Champon Noodle
Address Shinjuku TOHO BLD.1F 19-1 Kabukicho 1 chome Shinjuku-ku Tokyo

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Tel 03-6233-8448
Opening Time 10:00-6:00am/Open everyday
Ringer Hut Shinjuku Toho Building
Nearest station:Seibu Shinjuku
Categories:Champon Noodle 
TEL:03-6233-8448 (+81-3-6233-8448)