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Address 2nd Jojoen BLD.B1F 2-22-5 Kabukicho Shinjuku-Ku

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Tel 03-3208-6435
Opening Time 19:00~24:45 / Every month 1st and Thursday holiday
Kabukicho No.1 entertainment and "regend Host Club".
If you visit us the first time, two hours 5,000 yen. With Shothu or brandy one bottle,and free soft drink.

Ai Honten, a long-standing pioneer of the host club industry with a deep history behind it, will be reopening on July 2020 after relocation.

shop time 19:00~24:45
Address 28-15 Kabuki Cho 2-chome Sachi-Bld.B1

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Tel 03-5155-2911
Opening Time 18:30-25:00(L.O.23:30)/Mon,1st day of every month
Named after Count Hans Axel von Fersen, the only man that Marie-Antoinette loved, our venue is built to present women with a love that is one and only. We will make your stay an experience never to be forgotten.
☆Glass wine (red / white) or draft beer or One soft drink service
Address Kabukicho 1-2-7 Kabukicho-Daikan Plaza Seiza-Kan B1F

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Tel 03-6273-6937
Opening Time 19:00-25:00(L.O.23:30)/Mon,1st day of every month
You can choose between three kinds of first-visits.This option is available for your first two visits.
Address 21-2 Kabukicho-2chome,Sophia BLD. B1F

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Tel 03-3205-3185
Opening Time 19:00-25:00(L.O.23:30)/1st every month, Occasionally
Experience genuine excitement, both intellectually and sensually.
Although late-coming as a wine producer compared to France and Italy, the California Opus Wine has rapidly established it’s position in the world as a top wine brand. The club name “OPUST” takes after this Opus wine, to coincide with our aspiration to become the No. 1 host club in Kabukicho.

☆First time customers -
Fees ¥1,000
Address 10-8 Kabuki Cho 2-chome Yukizaki BLD 3F , Shinjuku-ku

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Tel 03-3205-3122
Opening Time 18:00-25:00 (L.O 23:30)/1st every month, Mon
What comes to mind when you hear “Host club”?
A luxurious interior, champagne glasses being endlessly emptied... Some of you may shy away
from such an unfamiliar world.
However, that is exactly the type of people that “APiTS” wishes to invite. It is our goal to
increase your happiness, and we live to hear your lively voices, saying you had “so much fun!”.