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okama bar Hige Girl
Address Wizard7 BLD7F 2-8 Kabukicho 1chome Shinjuku-Ku Tokyo

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Tel 03-5292-1275
Opening Time 18:00-1:00am/Sun.
Kabukicho Okama Bar "Hige Girl"
Hige Girl is a drag queen show bar in Kabukicho, shinjuku, with a number of cast members who work in television!!
Show times are from Tuesday to Saturday in two shows at 19:00 and 22:00. Business hours: [18:00-25:00]
Monday-Saturday [Closed Sundays, except before national holidays]
*Foreign customers can enter if a member of their party speaks Japanese:
¥6,150 (tax included) for 90 minutes, plus a 15% service fee
Shinjuku NEST / Show Restaurant
Address 1-14-7 Kabukicho HJayashi BLD B1 Shinjuku, Tokyo

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Tel 03-5285-1160
Opening Time 19:00-am1:00/ Sunday
Enjoy dancing, singing, and our drink service!
Have a captivating evening at - entertainment show bar, “NEST”!

Come to “NEST” if you want to see an authentic entertainment show in Shinjuku!
Enjoy the best show accompanied by 3,000 yen all you can drink plan for men and women, for 60 minutes
*The price includes consumption tax and service fee.
For meals, we currently offer lunch boxes (from 1,500 yen).

Professional dancers train every day and offer an entertainment show to be enjoyed by everyone!
Sharp dance and powerful pole dance, the fascinating singer's performance - a must-see!
Feel the fast throbbing while enjoying your drink!

Hours Monday - Saturday 19:00 - 1:00, the following day
Holiday Dinner: 19:00 - 1:00, the following day(L.O.24:45, Drink L.O. 24:45)
Close Every Sunday
Average price Dinner 2,750 JPY
Cards Accepted VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club
KUJIRA ENTERTAINMENT/ entertainment dining bar
Address 2-23-1 Kabukicho Furinkaikan B2F, Shinjuku

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Tel 03-6205-6675
Opening Time 20:00-4:00am/Closed on Sunday
Not a club, not a show pub, Our shop is an entertainment restaurant that doesn't exist anywhere! We will guide guests to the unparalleled parallel world of ideas and technology!
We have made every effort to create "immersive space production" by making full use of LED vision and the latest digital equipment installed everywhere! Enjoy the ultimate entertainment restaurant, one step ahead of the times!

20:00 - 24:00 FLAT FEE 1,000jpy
24:00 - 04:00 1HOUR 1,000jpy
budget about 5,000jpy~/one person
SUNTORY Pub club Rotary
Address 23-1 Kabuki Cho 2-chome Furin Hall 6F

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Tel 03-3205-1801
Opening Time 19:30-23:30 /Sun Holiday
All drinks on menu for 6000 Yen/60min
Support the salaried men in Shinjuku.
Address AD bld.6F 2-22-13 Kabukicho Shinjuku

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Tel 03-3200-6340 ※要予約
Opening Time 20:00-24:00/closed on Sunday
This members only bar lounge has been in business for 22 years this year.
Set price:
LOUNGE Bun・Bun(ぶん・ぶん)
Address Skylark BLD 3F 2-38-11 Kabukicho Shinjuku

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Tel ※要予約 03-3207-3571
Opening Time 18:00-23:00/closed on Sat. Sun. and Holiday
This establishment is popular with regular customers, and has been kept open for 22 years by the great efforts of the matron.
Set price: \9,000 and up (four types of appetizer, mineral water, ice cream) *By the bottle

総席数 16席:(内カウンター 9席 ) 
A DAY(アディ)/Mix Bar
Address Metoro Plaza 1 / 6F 2-13-6 Kabukicho Shinjuku

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Tel 050-3176-1617
Opening Time 21:00-6:00am/closed on Sun. and Holiday
MIX Bar is "a place where you can meet cross dressers, drag queens, female cross dressers, and older guys who are a little rough around the edges." Takami, a drag queen, is the matron. She went from high school (all-boys), to a college of music, to become a studio musician in Shinjuku 2-chome, then Okinawa (for some reason), and back to 2-chome, to Asakusa, Roppongi, Ginza, and then on to Kabukicho. But she doesn't "want to make it a cross dressing bar," and so, she says, it might be better to treat it as a normal snack bar. It is a new establishment.
◎1 hour all you can drink
new club M /new-half club
Address Caterina BLD 10F 3-15 Kabukicho 1 chome Shinjuku

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Tel 03-6380-3848
Opening Time 20:00-1:00am/Sunday
new-half club.
A guest lady said, "I want everyone to go there to see the shows and try the food. Also, if you've come all the way to Kabukicho, and want to try a piece of Kabukicho, you need to go to a cabaret club, or a host club if you're a woman."
Sanskrit Salon BISHA 毘沙 /lounge club
Address Dai6 Honma Bld. 2F 2-21-3 Kabukicho Shinjuku

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Tel 03-5291-9671
Opening Time 20:00-24:30/closed on Sat. Sun. and Holiday
What kind of person is the matron of this Kabukicho snack bar ?
Shoko Segiruns the Sanskr it salon, Bisha .

"A profile? You'll be able to tell my real age if I talk (laughs). I hope you don't mind that I have a drink to calm my nerves." So she said,resulting in this picture.
It is my fieenth year back in Tokyo, after I left my birthplace of Kagoshima after my divorce. I came up to Tokyo with no care about what might happen. I tried to become an idol singer in Tokyo a long time ago, so I had a feel for the area. I really wasn't thinking, and all I could do was work in the red light district.
I worked my first part time job at a certain lounge in Kabukicho's Caterina Building. The place I worked at before I came here was bad with paying out wages, and I realized it would just be better to start my own place.
It has been nine years since I opened. I was worried about being able to get customers to come at first. But as people came, numbers started to increase.
We do yakiniku in-store for New Years parties and customer birthdays. Smoke? We just open all of the windows (laughs). Shoko was captivating, smiling and laughing the whole time. "We're cozy, and are like a family, so come and drink with us any time." Ask the
matron what you should request on the karaoke; she once worked to become an idol.

総席数 20席:(内カウンター 5席 ) 
Address Suzuki BLD 5F 2-37-2 Kabukicho Shinjuku

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Tel 03-5286-2828
Opening Time 18:30-24:00/closed on Sun. and Holiday
In business in Kabukicho for 33 years, they oer a cozy, relaxing space,and karaoke.

☆Price for your first visit: (1 hour) All you can drink