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Shinjuku LOFT
Address 12-9 Kabuki Cho 1-chome Tatehana Building B2
Tel 03-5272-0382
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"ROCKIN'COMMUNICATION" Since 1976, the live house of rock scene is opened. This is a open all night lounge bar with rock and communication speace.Capacity 500 people.
Address 14-7 Kabuki Cho 1-chome Hayashi Building B2
Tel 03-3205-6864
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In 1995, The first bar opened as a talk. Live house in Japan. Talking live show every night . Capacity 150 people.
TALK & MUsic Nakid Loft
Address 5-1 Hyakunincho 1-chome Hyakunincho Building 1F
Tel 03-3205-1556
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This is a Cafe style bar, open every night at first floor facing Syokuan street in Shinjuku.. The space of "Talk & Music" are delivered every night. Capacity 60 people.
Live house Shinjuku Motion
Address 45-2 Kabuki Cho 2-chome Sinjuku Just Building 5F
Tel 03-6825-5858
Opening Time 18:00-23:30/New Year's Day
The new theater which capacity 120 people. Please feel free to come to play!
Shinjuku Live Space MARZ
Address 45-1 Kabuki Cho 2-chome
Tel 03-3202-8248
Opening Time 14:00-22:00/New Year's Eve New Year's Day
All genre music will be provided. The theater has two floors, and good reputation of open space, sound and lighting systems.
Live House Marble
Address 45-2 Kabuki Cho 2-chome Sinjuku Just Building B1F
Tel 03-5272-3558
Opening Time 14:00-22:00
This is the place where varied of free expression will be showed by Music, comedy, art, etc., where you will feel free to think by your own, and free your thoughts.
Live House Shinjiku RUIDO K4
Address 2-13 Kabuki Cho 1-chome Shinko Building B2F
Tel 03-5292-5125
Opening Time 13:00-22:00
Equipments like Pa in the digital mixer desk, Miramubingu lighting, LED Bar are installed. We provide a quality entertainment place.
Shinjuku FACE/Live Hall
Address HUMAX Pavilion Shinjuku Kabukicho 7F 20-1 Kabukicho 1chome Shinjuku-Ku Tokyo
Tel 03-3200-1300
Opening Time
Shinjuku Kabukicho Live Hall "Shinjuku FACE"
Shinjuku BLAZE /Live House
Address Annex B2F 21-7 Kabukicho 1chome Shinjuku-Ku Tokyo
Tel 03-5155-5990
Opening Time
The holy land of pop idols in the very heart of Shinjuku,live house Shinjuku BLAZE.
Zirco Tokyo
Address Toyo BLD.B2F 1-2-5 Kabukicho,Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
Tel 03-6278-9190
Opening Time change by the live
Live House front of Shinjuku Kuyakusho.
shinjuku SAMURAI/Live House
Address Dai2 Outaki BLD.B1 2-42-16 Kabukicho Shinjuku-Ku Tokyo
Tel 03-5287-3390
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2016.6 OPEN in Kabukicho.
capacity:standing150 seating50
Address ACB BLD.B2F 2-36-3 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, Japan
Tel 03-3205-0901
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"Shinjuku ACB HALL" , a venue in Kabukicho, Shinjuku.

Many bands got popular by growing up through this venue and thousands of bands have played at this venue.
ACB HALL will turn 50 years old in 2018.
It doesn't matter what genre bands play, whatever ROCK, POP, PUNK,,etc... many bands play and many kinds of events are held at this venue.