Shinjuku Sanko Shopping District Promotion Association Offices,
Nao Wadayama
Address; Maneki-dori 1F, Kabukicho 1-1-6, Shinjuku
Phone 03-3209-6418

This small, 50m corner of the city was created by the people who lived in the area after the black market in front of the Shinjuku Station was removed in the 1950's. It was known as "the blue line" at the time, and was a place where many illegal brothels were operated as restaurants. After the Anti - Prostitution Act took effect (1958), it became an area for drinking establishments, and was thereafter known as the Golden Gai. It is loved by many intellectuals and journalists, and this external pressure has protected it, and allowed it to retain its outward appearance to this day, making it a place where you can experience the classic feeling of the Showa era.
Enjoy a great night out at Golden Gai

Welcome to Shinjuku's Golden Gai. I am Nao Wadayama from the Shinjuku Sanko Shopping District Promotion Association. I hope that everyone is able to have an amazing experience at Golden Gai.
Golden Gai is a place where people are free. There are countless individualistic restaurants, full of amazing individuals. The place is full of emotions, and is where people partake in fun conversations, share grievances, and cry, every night over bottles of sake. The person who you sat next to by sheer coincidence could become a friend for life, and you may even end being seated with a famous celebrity. Such fantastic things happen often here. How you should spend your night in Golden Gai is an important question for everyone.
Sometimes you can't manage to have fun even if you try, and others you can have fun even when you're feeling down. Enjoy yourself as you please, whether that be being frozen stiff by the cool air when you enter, or be heal by the gentle atmosphere. Once you have been to one you like a few times, and the staff starts to remember you, they will come to know you as a regular. Once you get your own seat as a regular, and pass through a number of shops in a night, you will be a pro. It takes time to truly learn how to enjoy yourself here. But I have an idea for those who simply do not have the time.
There are approximately 290 shops in the Golden Gai, and each manager is the king of his own castle.
Some may focus on creating a quiet mood, while others might offer a friendly, relaxing experience.
Just try to enjoy the mood that each one offers. But if you get too overboard, they will not hesitate to ban you. This is the equivalent to getting the red card in sports. Please be careful to not become an unwelcome guest.
Curiosity is a must if you want to enjoy the night life. If you find yourself with a night to yourself, or if you are tired of going out in groups, Golden Gai is waiting for you. Talking to someone you don't know is sure to expand your horizons.

Finally, the narrow alleys and simple buildings are important treasures to us. They are fragile presences, and will break and burn easily. The night is long here, and we ask for everyone's cooperation in keeping in line with the local manners. Please see the posters inside for more details.

The Irish couple I met in Hanazono 5-bangai's bar, Bianca Toppu, a spot where voice actors gather on G1-dori

New meetings bring new meetings
Find your favorite master or matron and begin a fantastic night.

Hanazono 1-bangai 1F

[Hours of Operation] 17:00-5:00

"My father worked in a brewery [Tenju Brewery in Akita], and I got my sake adviser certification last year." That's how much Miyako [Miyako Urabe] from MISO SOUP loves sake. Tenju's Chokaizan has a vivid aroma, and is her recommendation. As the name of the establishment suggests, you they have all you can eat miso soup.

Mingei Shubo SUZUBAR
G1-dori 1F

[Hours of Operation] 19:00-3:00

The store master, Yassan, has fantastic English. This classic bar, a rarity in Golden Gai, is a place the writer often visits. Charge: \1,000 [no charge for first time customers], beer and high balls start from \770
red. (Cafe & Bar)
Hanazono 5-bangai 2F

[Hours of Operation] 18:00-5:00

She said it was created in the image of American general stores, and, according to Ino from the store, red. is a "Cozy, secret base-like place." They recommend their hot dogs and coffee mixer, which is made with ice coffee. The small, cozy interior opens into a wide loft, where you will find art on exhibit and a sofa.