If you’re going to try a champagne call, try this! The best! Applicable stores
CHAMPAGNE CALL! Tour (Reservations required)
This is a tour that allows you to get a taste of the famous host club champagne call. The prices are pre-set, meaning you will not have to pay anything over the above price. This is a great plan for those looking to make new memories of their trip, or to give an unforgettable gift for a friend or family member on their birthday or other commemorative day. Photos of you in the host making a lively champagne call against the glamorous backdrop of the store's interior will make a great shot for your SNS.
Participants: Parties of two and up. Date: Decided dependent upon your schedule. Times: A time of your choice between 7pm and 8pm
Part 1
Meetup at or around Kabukicho
Or come directly to the store
Part 2
Enjoy the host club
Part 3
This project has been discontinued
Usual price of ¥10,000
per person with the pamphlet
(includes taxes)
*This plan is only available through this pamphlet. It is not advertised on our website.
We also offer other tours to meet the needs of our customers.
Try the host club trial tour
To get your fill of fun on your first time out
With a number of sommeliers in their employ, You can try wines you won’ t find in even Michelin three star restaurants

See Smappa! Group Official Website for details.
15:00~21:00 (Closed on Sundays and public holidays)
*If you have any questions, please contact.

The most passionate actors on the Kabukicho stage offer bewitching services.
Host clubs are places where gentlemen dote on their gentle ladies.
Some offer ballroom dancing, and others will show you their famous champagne call when you order champagne. You can enjoy yourself at a reasonable price, raise the roof with a super gorgeous champagne tower, and plan private parties supported by professionals who offer the best in service.
Host Club Shop Guide
A member of the Shinjuku Kosha Service Industry Confederacy
A Smappa! Group host club, this is Kabukicho’s very own Palace of Versailles.
Tel: 03-5155-2911
[Address] 28-15 Kabuki Cho 2-chome Sachi-Bld.B1
[Hours of Operation] 18:30-25:00(L.O.23:30)
[Closed Days] Mon, 1st of every month
Glass wine (red / white) or draft beer or One soft drink service
Ai Honten, a long-standing pioneer of the host club industry
with a deep history behind it, will be reopening on July 2020
after relocation of Furin Kaikan 6F (2-23-1 Kabukicho).
Tel: 03-3208-6435
[Address] Jojoen 2nd bld. B1F 2-22-5 Kabukicho Shinjuku-Ku
[Hours of Operation] 19:00~24:45
[Closed Days] 1st of every month / 16th
You can choose between three kinds of first-visits.
This option is available for your first two visits.
◎Normal: ¥2,000 (including tax)/90 minutes ¥3,000 (including tax)/2 hours
Tel: 03-6273-6937
[Address] Kabukicho 1-2-7 Kabukicho-Daikan Plaza Seiza-Kan B1F
[Hours of Operation] 19:00 - 25:00(L.O.23:30)
[Closed Days] Mon / 1st of every month
2 complimentary cans per personof a drink of your choice
A spacious streetside club with a beautiful interior.
With a staff lineup to suit a variety of tastes and preferences,
we look for what each customer needs and work to provide them
with the utmost service.
Tel: 03-3205-3185
[Address] 21-2 Kabukicho-2chome,Sophia BLD. B1F
[Hours of Operation] 19:00 - 25:00(L.O.23:30)
[Closed Days] 1st every month / Occasionally
First time 1hour ¥ 1,000
Our brand concept is to “love each and every one of our customers”.
◎First-time price: ¥2,000 (including tax)/90 minutes
Tel: 03-6228-0113
[Address] ARAO BLD.5F 25-2 Kabukicho 2chome, Shinjuku-ku
[Hours of Operation] 19:00-25:00(L.O.23:30)
[Closed Days] 1st every month / Mon
90min ¥1,000
Bringing you a group of the most handsome men in Kabukicho.
◎First-time price: ¥2,000 (including tax)/hour,
¥10,000 (including tax)/hour (for men) ※All-you-can-drink
Tel: 03-3205-3122
[Address] 2-15 Kabuki Cho 1-chome Social Building 9F , Shinjuku-ku
[Hours of Operation] 18:00-25:00 (L.O 23:30)
[Closed Days] 1st every month / Mon
1hour ¥ 1,000
Experience a world you’ve never seen before
with our cast of drop-dead handsome hosts.
Tel: 03-5155-3604
[Address] Kabukicho 2-33-1 Dai6TOA BLD.6F Shinjuku
[Hours of Operation] Morning 6:00 - 12:00 Night 20:00-24:30
[Closed Days] Mon
Three rising stars of the next generation—Shiyu, Daishou,
and Aihime—rock Kabukicho at our luxuriously high-class club.
First-time prices: ¥3,000/90 minutes
Tel: 03-6882-5520
[Address] Kabukicho 2-9-10 G2bld 1F
[Hours of Operation] 20:00-Last
[Closed Days] Mon
All-you-can-drink for 90 minutes ¥1,000
One set: ¥7,000 (free time), Table charges: ¥2,000,
Service charges / Tax: 35%+10%
Tel: 03-6233-9773
[Address] Kabukicho 2-20-10 J BLD 4F Shinjuku
[Hours of Operation] 19:00-24:30
[Closed Days] 1st every month / Mon