This is it! The best part of the host club!
For those who wish to experience a real champagne call.
Champagne Call Experience Tour (needs reservation)
The champagne call. Perhaps you seen it on television or pictures, but you really can't get a true feel for how spesial of an event it is without experiencing it first-hand. This tour is a special plan where you can experience that famed host club specialty-the chanpagne call-for yourself. We recommend this "Champagne Call Experience Tour" for all those who would like to make their host club experience a little more exciting. The set price guarantee and pickup seavice from our highly popular "Host Club Experience Tour" are included with this tour as well, making it possible for anyone, even those who have never been to a host club before, to enjoy the tour.
This plan is great for birthday celebrations for friends or even as a gift for that special mother in your life on Mother's Day.
Minimum Guests: We require at least two guests for this tour.
Date of Tour: The tour can be arranged for most any date.
You may begin your tour anytime between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM.
By saying that you saw this pamphlet, the regular fee of \10,000
one person \7,000- (Service fees and tax included).
Itinerary Part 1
Meet up in theKabukicho area.
Itinerary Part 2
Receive guidance to a club.
(Guidance to one club, 2 hours)
Itinerary Part 3
By request of the customer,
receive an escort to a designated
meeting placebefore ending the tour.
contact 03-6380-3990 scrumrice 18:00-23:00

Enjoy Your Final Night Out as a Single Woman Store
Bachelorette Party (needs reservation)
The Bachelorette Party-a woman's final chance to go out and party as a single woman before getting married. This Bacholorette Party Plan is great for guests who wish to come together with close friends and have a good time together to commemorate this special night.
What's more, this plan is available whether you're planning to get married or not! By letting us know what the occasion is in advance, we can also suggest a number of other plans.Party plan examples: birthday party for a friend, celebration party for an NPO group, etc
Minimum Guests: We require at least three guests for this tour.
All you can drink shochu, wine, and soft drinks are included.
Date of tour:Please confirm tour dates with us directly.
You may begin your tour anytime between 5:30 PM and 8:00 PM.
one person \5,000- (Service fees and tax included).
Option 1
Champagne Tower \100,000?
*The price is subject to change based on the size of
the tower and the type of champagne ordered.
We would be glad to scale the plan to fit your budget.
Option 2
Additional Food \3,000/dish
(times the number of guests in the reservation).
contact 03-6380-3990 scrumrice 18:00-23:00

Relax and Enjoy Yourself-Even on Your First Visit! Store
Host Club Experience Tour (needs reservation)
This plan will take you on a tour to two of the clubs run by the Kabukicho Host Club Smappa! Group. Each club has its own atmosphere and a different group of hosts, making this a great way to enjoy a wide variety all in one night. Once inside the club, you will be able to enjoy your time speaking with the hosts while drinking at your seat just like any other regular customer. The fee is a uniform, set price.
For our guests who are not familiar with Kabukicho, we provide a pickup and drop off service from the Kabukicho area as well. This plan is a great way to relax and enjoy Kabukicho's host clubs for single guests or guests who are sightseeing in the area.
Minimum Guests: This plan is available for single guests as well as groups.
For guests beginning their tours after 8:00 PM,
a two-hour shortened tour at a price of \3,000 per guest is available.
one person \5,000- (Service fees and tax included).
Itinerary Part 1
Meet up in the Kabukicho area.
Itinerary Part 2
Guidance to the affiliated clubs.
(The entire plan will last
approximately three hours).
Itinerary Part 3
By request,receive an escort
to a designated meeting place
before ending the tour.
contact 03-6380-3990 scrumrice 18:00-23:00

The sommeliers entertain guests with quality wines. Kabukicho's Palace of Versailles!
Address:2Chome-28-15 Kabukicho,Shinjuku-ku Sachi Building B1F Phone:03-5155-2911
Hours of Operation/Closed Days18:00-25:00/Closed on Mondays and the 1st of each month
[System Introduction]For first-time guests, 2 hours of all-you-can-drink for 3,000JPY(includes tax,fixed price).
*All-you-can-drink draft beer if you bring the guide book
APiTS is a store in Kabukicho thet continuously and constantly seeks new things
with "full effort."
Address:1Chome-2-15 Kabukicho,Shinjuku-ku Social Building 9F Phone:03-3205-3122
Hours of Operation/Closed Days18:00-25:00(Last call at 23:30)/Closed on Mondays and the 1st of each month
[System Introduction]The price for first-time guests is 2,000JPY per hour
*1,000JPY per hour if you bring the guide book
A street-level store with avast and beautiful interior!
Various type of staff meet customer needs to deliver first-class hospitality.
Address:2Chome-21-2 Kabukicho,Shinjuku-ku sophia Building B1F Phone:03-3205-3185
Hours of Operation/Closed Days19:00-24:45/No closed days
[System Introduction]For first-time guests,2,000JPY per hour. With a designation,10,000JPY for 2 hours.
At "Butler's club," there is an insistence on the customer-first policy as the
club's roots.
How about "reception" that surpasses hospitality from abult men who have
accumulated dignity?
Address:1Chome-2-15 Kabukicho,Shinjuku-ku Social Building 8F Phone:03-5155-5626
Hours of Operation/Closed Days 19:00-25:00/Closed on Mondays and the 1st of each month
[System Introduction]For first-time femali guests,2,000JPY per hour. For male guests,5,000JPY per hour.
All-you-can-drink sparkling wine, red wine, white wine, and tea.
Club Ai-Honten
The maximum level of history, name recognition, sales, floors, and everything in the
Host club industry!
Please witness this [legend] of the industry.
Address:2Chome-22-5 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku Jojoen Number2 Building B1F Phone:03-3208-6435
Hours of Operation/Closed Days 19:00-24:45/Closed on the 1st and 16th of each month
[System Introduction]For first-time guests,5,000JPY for 2 hour. 1bottle of shochu or brandy,
All-you-can-drink soft drinks.
A rare,long-established shop in the host clud industry that celebrated its
20th anniversary in 2017.
Please enjoy an elegant moment with a live piano performance.
Address:2Chome-38-2 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku Metro Building B1F Phone:03-5155-8144
Hours of Operation/Closed Days 19:00-24:00/Closed on Tuesdays and the 1st of each month
[System Introduction]For first-time guests,1,000JPY for 90minutes between19:00-20:30
And 2,000JPY for 90minutes between 20:30-Closing. 1 bottle of shochu and all-you-can-drink mixers.